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Behind The Scenes At A Car Show

May 12, 2023


Car shows are a popular attraction for car enthusiasts and fans alike. These events showcase some of the most beautiful, rare, and unique cars worldwide. Attendees can marvel at the sleek designs, the powerful engines, and the intricate details of each vehicle on display. However, the roaring engines of the cars and that addicting sound of the turbo are not just displayed by the cars, it takes a lot from the organizers of the event, such as Yesterday Auto Gallery – our team has already started planning for the car show event ‘Cars For A Cause’ scheduled to be held in June.

But what does it take to plan and execute a successful car show? In this post, we’ll go behind the scenes and explore the planning, promotion, setup, and execution of a car show.

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Planning The Car Show

Choosing the right venue is one of the most critical aspects of planning a car show. The location should be accessible to attendees, have ample parking, and offer enough space to display all the cars. Some car shows occur in outdoor spaces, such as parks or parking lots, while others are held indoors, in convention centers or exhibition halls.

Once the venue is selected, the next step is to create a budget. Car shows can be expensive to produce, with costs for venue rental, security, insurance, and other expenses. Organizers need to carefully manage their finances to ensure they have enough money to cover all the event costs.

Another important consideration is choosing which cars to feature at the show. Most car shows have a specific theme, such as classic cars, muscle cars, or exotic sports cars. The organizers must choose cars that fit the theme and will appeal to attendees. They may also contact car owners and car clubs to invite them to participate in the show.

Promoting The Car Show

Promotion is key to attracting attendees to the car show. Organizers use a variety of tactics to get the word out, such as social media, email newsletters, and advertising. They may also work with local media outlets to get event coverage.

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting a car show. Organizers can create a Facebook event page, post updates on Instagram, and tweet about the show on Twitter. They may also use paid advertising on these platforms to reach a wider audience.

Email newsletters are another effective way to promote a car show. Organizers can send out regular updates to subscribers, highlighting the cars on display, announcing special guests, and sharing other news about the event.

Advertising can also be a powerful tool for promoting a car show. Organizers may place ads in local newspapers, radio stations, or billboards. To cross-promote their event, they could collaborate with other businesses and offer discounts to attendees who present their car show tickets at local restaurants or stores. Another effective strategy is to promote the car show on the online forums of different companies.

Setting Up The Car Show

Once the promotion is in place and the cars have been selected, it’s time to set up the show. This involves arranging the cars in a way that is visually appealing and easy for attendees to navigate.

Organizers will typically work with the venue to determine the show’s layout. They may need additional staff or volunteers to help with the setup, including moving the cars into place and setting up any equipment or amenities.

One important consideration is the sound system. Organizers need to make sure that there is an excellent sound system in place so that attendees can hear announcements and music. They may also need a DJ or band to provide entertainment throughout the day.

Lastly, organizers will need to provide amenities for their attendees, such as food and restrooms. They may need to hire food trucks or vendors to provide food and drink, and make sure that there are enough restrooms available for the expected number of attendees.

Running The Car Show

Once the show is set up, it’s time to run the event. This involves managing traffic, ensuring safety and security, and providing assistance to attendees as needed. Hence, the team will work days, even months, before the event, and their duty will continue till the last participating car leaves the event venue safely.

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