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How To Get Involved: Volunteering At Yesterday’s Auto Gallery

October 27, 2023

How To Get Involved: Volunteering At Yesterday's Auto Gallery

If you’re passionate about classic cars and eager to make a meaningful contribution, you’ve come to the right place. Yesterday’s gallery isn’t just a classic car museum; it’s a hub of preservation and education. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can get involved and become a valued volunteer at Yesterday’s Auto Gallery.

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, a skilled mechanic, or simply someone who wants to be part of a vibrant community, volunteering here offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and support our mission of celebrating the beauty and heritage of classic North American cars.

Why Should You Volunteer With Us?

When it comes to giving back to the community and immersing yourself in the world of classic cars, Yesterday’s Auto Gallery Foundation is the perfect place to volunteer. Our Classic car museum is not just a repository of automotive history; it’s a living testament to the passion and dedication of volunteers like you.

By joining our team, you become an integral part of preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of North American cars. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or simply curious about automobiles, volunteering at our museum offers a unique and fulfilling experience.

At Yesterday’s Auto Gallery Foundation, we believe in the power of community and the joy of learning. When you volunteer with us, you’ll be part of a like-minded group of individuals who share your enthusiasm for classic cars. You’ll have the chance to engage with visitors, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to various aspects of museum operations.

Volunteer Opportunities And Roles

Our Classic Car Museum offers various volunteer opportunities and roles tailored to your skills and interests. Whether you’re a car aficionado, a history buff, or someone with a flair for customer service, there’s a place for you here. You can assist visitors in the car gallery, sharing your knowledge and passion for classic North American cars.

For those who love the excitement of special events, volunteering at our Summer Cars for Causes Auto Show or annual Food Bank Drive is a fantastic way to make a difference. Consider helping with course instruction, admissions, or research if you’re technically inclined. You can even lend a hand at our Retro 50-style diner on busy days.

Perks Of Being A Volunteer

Volunteering at Yesterday’s Auto Gallery Foundation comes with its own set of rewarding perks. As a valued team member, you’ll enjoy free admission to our Classic Car Museum and special events. You’ll also receive exclusive invitations to recognition events, meetings, and training sessions, where you can deepen your knowledge and network with fellow enthusiasts.

Beyond these tangible benefits, the greatest reward lies in the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction you’ll derive from preserving and sharing your automotive history with others. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or new to philanthropy, being part of our museum community provides an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while immersing yourself in the captivating world of classic cars.

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Ideal Candidates For Volunteering

At Yesterday’s Auto Gallery Foundation, we welcome individuals who share our passion for classic cars, auto mechanics, and exceptional customer service. Ideal candidates have a deep knowledge of Classic North American cars, an understanding of automotive mechanics, and a strong commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Experience assisting at events is also highly valued, especially for those interested in volunteering for special occasions like our Auto Show and Food Bank Drive.

The best volunteers bring their unique skills and experiences to our team. If you have a genuine interest in automotive history and a desire to share it with others, you’re an ideal candidate for volunteering with us. Your enthusiasm and expertise will help us continue to preserve and showcase the remarkable legacy of classic cars.

How To Join Our Passionate Volunteer Team

Starting your volunteering journey with Yesterday’s Auto Gallery Foundation is easy. Simply fill out the form on our website, sharing your contact information and preferences. Let us know your first and last name, phone number, email address, and current address.

Additionally, inform us of the position you prefer, your general availability (including days and times), and any specific events you’re interested in working at. Once you’ve submitted the form, our team will review your application, and if we are currently recruiting volunteers with your qualifications and availability, someone will contact you.

About Us

Yesterday’s Auto Gallery is more than just a passion project; it’s a testament to the enduring love for classic cars. What began as a humble collection has evolved into a dedicated gallery with a singular purpose: preserving the rich tapestry of automotive history. Our team comprises passionate car enthusiasts united by a shared commitment to passing their fervour for automobiles to future generations.

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