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April Is Auto Racing Month At Yesterday’s

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Thank you to our sponsors, RAD Torque Raceway and Bruce Willox, for supplying our exhibit cars.
Come check them out in our gallery until May.

Auto racing has a rich history in Alberta, with a number of tracks and events having operated and
occurred throughout the province over the years. Here are some highlights:

Edmonton International Speedway:
This track, located in Wetaskiwin just south of Edmonton, was the first major auto racing
facility in Alberta. It opened in 1969 and hosted a variety of events over the years,
including NASCAR, IndyCar, and Can-Am races. The track closed in 1982.

Race City Speedway:
This track, located in Calgary, opened in 1985 and operated until 2011. It was a popular
destination for stock car and kart racing and also hosted several other events over the
years, including concerts and monster truck shows.

Castrol Raceway:
Now RAD Torque Raceway: This track, located just south of Edmonton in Leduc County, opened
in 1991 and is still in operation today. It hosts a wide range of events, including drag
racing, oval racing, and motocross.

Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park:
This track, located just outside of Carstairs, opened in 2018 and is one of the newest
racing facilities in Alberta. It features a 3.5-kilometer road course and hosts a variety of
events throughout the year.

Edmonton Indy:
From 2008 to 2012, Edmonton hosted an IndyCar race on a temporary street circuit in the
city’s downtown. The race was known as the Edmonton Indy and drew thousands of fans from
across the province and beyond.

In addition to these major tracks and events, there are also a number of smaller tracks and
racing organizations throughout Alberta that continue to keep the sport alive in the province.

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